G_RatingWe’re sometimes asked, who is Brainwave Optimisation designed to help? We sometimes joke that it’s designed to help people with brains, but that’s actually not an inaccurate statement. Anyone can benefit from Brainwave Optimisation sessions. As a non-invasive, non-pharmacological, non-medical modality, Brainwave Optimisation is a safe and holistic option for anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background.

We say that the process is G rated because Brainwave Optimisation has been provided to clients as young as 2 years old and as old as 98. This G rated process does require the client to set still for extended periods of time and to be able to follow simple instructions, but an experienced technologist can make necessary accommodations for nearly any client.

While the process itself remains largely similar regardless of client, the effect on the brain is somewhat different for children than it is for adults. Brainwave Optimisation relies on an attribute of the brain called neuro plasticity. The brain has an amazing capacity to “rewire” itself to meet new challenges or demands. Throughout our lives and even over the course of any given day, our brain is continually creating new connections, forming new neural pathways.

Our brain is most plastic (able to change) when we are young. Have you ever wondered how you were able to learn and retain so much knowledge as a child while, as an adult, you can’t even seem to be able to remember an email password? With age, the brain has a tendency to become less plastic, more set in its ways, more resistant to change. Part of this tendency is simply nature of aging, but another contributing factor is the effect of trauma on the brain. When one experiences a trauma, whether large or small, experienced in one sudden instant or accumulated bit by bit over a lifetime, the brain adjusts compensate and to cope. Under ideal circumstances, the brain will naturally return to its pre-trauma state once the traumatic moment as passed or the immediate threat has been removed. Often, however, the brain remains to some degree in its post-trauma condition long after the moment has passed. Brainwave Optimisation facilitates the brain’s auto-calibration, its self-adjustment toward more optimal function.

Children enjoy a certain advantage over adults where Brainwave Optimisation is concerned. Since their brains are more plastic and, for most, thank goodness, their exposure to trauma has been limited, Brainwave Optimisation has a particularly dramatic effect on children. We have seen amazing results working with children suffering from focus issues, attention deficiencies, and learning challenges. Improvement is often observed after only a couple of sessions. Results for adults may be slower coming and less pronounced, sometimes not becoming fully apparent until two to three weeks after the completion of the Brainwave Optimisation Intensive.