Project Description

‘My former psychiatrist was amazed.’

Issue: Tardive Dyskinesia, Insomnia

Tardive Dyskinesia – often called TD — is a movement disorder caused by anti-psychotic drugs that can impair any muscle functions that are partially or wholly under voluntary control, such as the face, eyes, tongue, neck, back, abdomen, extremities, diaphragm and respiration, swallowing reflex, and vocal cords and voice control.*

In my case, it started about a year and a half ago and resulted in involuntary movement of my tongue, sometimes to the point of affecting my speech. It is maddening. After I stopped taking the antipsychotic, it actually got worse. I did a lot of research and learned that it is usually irreversible and permanent. Needless to say, this finding is devastating. In an attempt to cure this disorder, I tried various treatments, including vitamins and supplements, acupuncture, cranio-sacral massage, and prescription drugs. I kept hoping it would “go away”. When I discovered Brainwave Optimisation, which I decided to take for insomnia. I asked my provider, Mary McPherson, if it would help with TD. She said she wasn’t familiar with that as a result, but we tried it anyway.

I’m thrilled to be able report that I have achieved about a 90% reduction in the TD symptoms as a result of two intensives of Brainwave Optimisation. Most days I’m not aware of it at all. It can flare up when I’m tired or stressed, but it’s nothing like it was. My former psychiatrist was amazed. Given the pessimistic outcome for this condition, I find this result a miracle.

– Excerpted from actual client comments