Project Description

Brain State Technologies founder and CEO Lee Gerdes and Ted Klontz of Nashville affiliate, Peak Performance Brain Training, are featured on The Judds (Episode 2: Hurricane Naomi). 

“Save me. I don’t just remember abuse. I’m there,” says Naomi to Lee as he meets her at her tour bus in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Lee explains, “We’re going to put sensors on her scalp and we’re going to allow the computer to view those brain patterns and help her bring that brain back into balance and harmony and make Naomi more relaxed – and make the rest of their tour as grandiose as possible.”

Naomi experiences Brainwave Optimization and says, “I don’t want to live the rest of my life with this dark cloud of stuff hanging over me. I’m gonna’ start cleaning up these skeletons in my closet. You just have to get the stuff out so you can heal.”

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