Project Description

Sleepless but NOT in Seattle

“This program changed my life. I hope my story will help whoever is thinking about Brain Optimisation.”

Issue: Lack of Sleep

“Before Brainwave Optimisation, sleep was such a rough spot in my day. I would dread the thought of going to bed, knowing that I would be lying awake for hours. Going to work every morning on only 2-3 hours of sleep was slowly, but surely running me straight into the ground. My focus was gone, I became moody and irritable, and I began taking my frustration and exhaustion out on the ones I loved. I was unable to get any kind of sleep without the help of prescription drugs and had tried everything! I truly felt helpless. That is, until I found Brainwave Optimisation. After only three sessions I slept the entire night without waking once! I woke up refreshed and excited to continue on my journey of healing! It was so great! I strongly urge anyone struggling with the same lack of sleep problem I had to use Brainwave Optimisation. IT WORKS!”

– Excerpted from actual client comments