Project Description

“Now we have not just a ray of hope, but a whole sky full”

Issue: Autism, Sensory Processing Issues, Anxiety

Dear Lee, I cannot thank you enough for following your calling to create Brain State. I would like to share my experience with you. My son, my husband and I have had 10 sessions each. We had tried many things before we felt God led us to Polly. All of them were beneficial. Anyway, through a friend, we found out about Brainwave Optimization™.

I will focus on Alex since his was the most impressive transformation. Alex has sensory processing issues. He is on the more functional end of the autistic spectrum. He had separation anxiety, no focus, no motivation, and very emotional meltdowns when confronted with any challenge. He was tested and though he had a very high IQ, but he was functioning on 50 percent working memory.

He was a very wiggly child. I could not get any work done at all except for schooling because Alex would just quit if I left him alone. He also had a tendency to be very negative – mostly about himself. He had fine motor issues. He really wanted to play the piano, but his hands would not cooperate. He did not sleep well at night. He was afraid of the dark. That was also stressful for us both. My husband and I did not sleep as well as we should have during this time either for obvious reasons.

Fast forwarding to his Brainwave Optimization™, I got to see Alex change right before my eyes. It was amazing. By the sixth session, Alex would ask questions about the story I was reading to him. By the ninth, I could ask him what I read, and he could tell me what happened in great detail. This was a miracle for us. By the tenth session, he was quiet and as still as could be. He was also much happier. His activity level as far as fidgeting has dramatically decreased.

“Our family dynamics has also changed, because life is not so frustrating now.”

I know we have a much brighter future now. He is remembering most of what we study and some things he learned before are coming back. I do not have to remind him to pay attention and keep him on task. What a relief!! He is also a lot more positive now and he no longer looks for me.

Anyway, we are very grateful to Brainwave Optimization™ for giving us a new start. Our family dynamics have also changed because life is not so frustrating now. I had been stressed to the max since I was six-years-old, but I did not realize it until I too had Brainwave Optimization™. How cool it is not to be afraid!! It is a blessing to be able to have some hope, not just a ray of hope, but a whole sky full!! I always knew Alex was an extraordinary kid. Now I am going to be able to find out just how extraordinary he is. Thank you, Jana

Editor’s note: Alex is playing the piano now and according to his mother “loves it!” She explains that she didn’t even need to tell the piano teacher about Alex’s sensory processing issues because Alex is doing so well that the information has become irrelevant.

– Excerpted from actual client comments