Sleep Issues

 Lack of Sleep

“I can sleep when I’m dead!” “The early bird gets the worm.” Ever said either of those things to yourself? Or do you no longer have to say these things to yourself because you now run on four to five hours  pretty much every night? You’re used to it. You don’t need sleep, right? That’s for lazy, unmotivated people who don’t have things to do. You’re way more productive than the average bear. Well, turns out skipping sleep really isn’t getting any of us ahead. Lack of sleep is making us sick. It’s making us depressed. It’s making us fat and aging us at an accelerated rate. Well new research shows there is a better way.

My former psychiatrist was amazed!

‘My former psychiatrist was amazed.’

Issue: Tardive Dyskinesia, Insomnia

Tardive Dyskinesia – often called TD — is a movement disorder caused by anti-psychotic drugs that can impair any muscle functions that are partially or wholly under voluntary control, such as the face, eyes, tongue, neck, back, abdomen, extremities, diaphragm and respiration, swallowing reflex, and vocal cords and […]

Balanced Brain = Sleep

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Lauren had her brain balanced and harmonized using Brainwave Optimization™ from Brain State Technologies to help her with sleeplessness and insomnia issues

Lack of Sleep

“This program changed my life. I hope my story will help whoever is thinking about Brain Optimisation.”

Balancing his brain helped David’s sleep issues


David Kramer came to Brain State Technologies in Fall of 2010 to get help with sleep issues.

Parenting our adopted son

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‘In ten sessions we made more progress with our son than with years of therapeutic parenting’

Brainwave Optimisation Clinical Trial

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What if sleep could be achieved not by a substance, but through ‘balancing’ brain activity? Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have conducted a pilot clinical study to determine whether a non-invasive approach, that uses musical tones to balance brain activity, can ‘reset’ the brain and effectively reduce insomnia.

Dr Charles Tegeler Insomnia Clinical Trial

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Dr. Charles Tegeler of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center discusses collaborated, clinical trials, with Brainwave Optimisation.