The Process

Allostasis (A Paradigm Shift)

The homeostasis model has contributed immeasurably to the theory and practice of scientific medicine, so to criticize it might almost seem absurd. Yet, all scientific models eventually encounter new facts that do not fit, and this is now the case for homeostasis. In physiology, evidence accumulates that parameters are not constant. And their variations, rather […]

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The Brain Knows Best

You have something in your teeth. No, the next tooth over on the other side. No, higher. Yes, right there! You’ve got it! Nope, still there.

Have you ever been there before? If you have, then you know the value of a mirror. Whether it’s removing a bit of spinach from between your teeth, fixing your […]

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Mirroring and Resonance

In January of 2013, a team of researchers from Wake Forest School of Medicine published a paper in the Neurology journal Brain & Behavior describing the methodology of HIRREM™, the process more commonly known as Brainwave Optimization®. The HIRREM methods paper offers a thorough and precise description of the process, what it does and how […]

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The Joy of a Balanced Brain

With a balanced brain we feel joyous, energetic, confident, and optimistic. We tend to be creative and our ideas flow more freely.
When our brain is out of balance however, we may feel depressed, anxious, sluggish, irritable, stuck and unmotivated.  Many people have never achieved an extended period where their brain is balanced and are used […]

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