The brain is the control center for the entire body, including the autonomic nervous system which regulates our organs, muscles and overall physical well-being. Throughout our lives, emotional and physical trauma can cause brainwaves to become unbalanced, resulting in such behaviours as anger, depression, addiction, physical pain and illness and general disconnection or hopelessness. Brainwave Optimisation restores the brain to its natural high-functioning state through a safe non-invasive process that requires no medication and is extremely quick and effective.

The Brainwave Optimisation Process

Brainwave Optimisation begins with an assessment in which EEG sensors detect the energy patterns of the different brain lobes. It takes about an hour to gather data from seven different areas. When we review the Brain Map with the client it is often amazing that we are able to identify brain patterns correlated with different experiences. We don’t diagnose or treat but it is interesting to see what shows up during the brain map readings.

The 10 sessions that follow are normally about 1 hour and 30 minutes. During a session the EEG sensors detect the frequency of each lobe and the brain receives real time feedback through audio tones generated from the brain’s frequencies while the client relaxes in an anti-gravity chair.

The brain is self-regulating and wants to be in optimal balance and harmony. This advanced neuro-technology allows the brain to see itself as we do when we look in a mirror. The brain recognizes the imbalances in this reflection and spontaneous begins making adjustments to move toward more balance.

Process Results

As the brain moves into balance and harmony the client begins to experience life with greater ease, peace and joy. They find themselves naturally motivated to accomplish things in life. They feel the joy and peace they haven’t felt in years, if ever. More than 87 percent of clients meet or exceed their stated goals. Most report that they are sleeping soundly after one or two sessions and many who have battled many conditions including post traumatic stress, ADD, depression, anxiety or addictions tell us that they wake up each day with a measure of happiness that they previously could not have imagined.