Welcome to Balance Your Brain

We help the brain to optimize its own functioning, on its own terms, through non-invasive, computer-guided technology.

All that is required is listening to musical tones through earphones, while relaxing in a zero-gravity chair, with sensors attached to the scalp. The sensors measure brainwave activity. A computer creates musical tones to match changing brainwave activity in real time. Matching between brainwaves and musical tones permits resonance, like tuning forks vibrating at the same frequency. Left and right sides of the brain then tend to balance themselves on their own terms, or auto-calibrate. In effect, the brain, itself, fine-tunes its own patterns of functioning. From this more fine-tuned and balanced state, greater well-being and enhanced performance can more easily blossom.

Who Is Balance Your Brain

Our mission is to empower the amazing potential within each one of us.
 As Gandhi said “Be the change you want to be in the world.” But how do we do that? Well I believe awareness is the first step and one of the ways to take that step is by balancing and harmonizing the brain. When the brain is balanced and in harmony, people involved in sports are much more likely to achieve optimum performance in terms of speed, strength, and so on. Writers, musicians, and artists achieve greater creativity and artistic expression. Individuals who feel stuck—who realize they aren’t living up to their full potential but don’t know how to let their true being out—often advance to gratifying business endeavors. Whatever a person’s walk of life, they can start to realize their limitless potential. 
Balance Your Brain does not heal, treat or cure any pathology or mental illness. Instead, we promise to work with you to establish your unique, natural balance and harmony. Our aim is always to empower you at your source so you may continually create and re-create yourself, your life and your possibilities in any way you choose.
We are all connected and our team is part of a group of people who with Enthusiasm, Love, Service, Passion, Humor and Teamwork believe they can change the world.

Our Crazy Skills

Certified Brainwave Technologist 80
NLP Master Practitioner 95
EFT 85
Matrix Re-imprinting 75